I started RainGate a long time ago, on a free provider called GeoCities, I think. It was something-city. It was very long ago.

RainGate was short for Rainbow Gateway, a little poetry site with an Irish theme.  The webmaster was a leprechaun named Paddy, with a trio of mischievous pet dragons (with their own renovating ideas for the website) and an over-worked housekeeper named Sheila.

Before RainGate, my website was called “Painted Into a Korner” also GeoCities in the neighbourhood of SoHo, but I had to move it and start over when my computer (a 486, yes, a 486!) crashed and I couldn’t remember my passcode to get back into the website to manage it!

Most of my poetry that I had written covered over 20 years.  Some were rhyming couplets (Shakespearean style) between six to eight verses, while others were two or three pages of narrative, telling a familiar story with a rhythmic rhyme!

And no subject was taboo! One military-themed poem was about the  U.S. Army’s latest acquisition at that time: double-barrelled slingshots! (They were actually camo brassieres — had a lot of fun writing that one!)

There were a lot of mythology themed pieces: Greek, Roman, Russian folklore, Celtic folklore, Egyptian and Norse.

Romance was another popular subject; that was how my wife found me — through my romance poetry.

In 2009, GeoCities announced they were shutting down the U.S. service, so my wife helped me save as many of the pages as we could.

Unfortunately, a lot of  writings were lost.

I have about 20% in my possession.


-= Do I still write? =-

Yes, but not as often as I used to. Too many distractions: a wife, kids, grandkids, genealogy, work, volunteer work


-= Will I re-post any of my old pieces again? =-

If there is still an interest in it, yes.


-= Have I tried to get my pieces published? =-

One piece has been published, twice!

“Gardens of Stone” is a very popular and strongly felt piece. It’s been published in Ontario and Alberta; and some schoolchildren in Pennsylvania recited it for their Remembrance Service in 2007.

Outside of that, there has not been any interest from publishers in my work.


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