No More Sunsets For Two

Gus-eed up in his best blue jeans, and cowboy hat, of course; 
The Sheriff goes into the barn, to tend his favourite horse!
Insep'rable pair -- that man and mare; no stronger bond is worse!

Golden Girl is her name, her coat a yellow sheen;
When shines the Sun upon her, she's a beauty to be seen.
And on the plain -- she does reign; a regal Texas queen!

Together, these good friends have been, for so many a-year;
They caught and shot offenders, and cried in pints of beer,
They rode the range -- and helped the Grange; and lassoed a mangy steer!

Dispensing Ol' Slack Justice, it happened late one day;
Golden Girl was limping, in a mighty painful way!
And deep inside -- The Sheriff cried; not knowing what to say!

"Sorry," said the blacksmith, "Her problem's beyond me."
And the doctor: "All I can do, is end her misery."
Bowing his head -- the lawman said: "I'll do it! She's with me!"

The Sheriff knelt before her, all knew the time was nigh;
He softly brushed her forelock, as tears welled in his eye
Then this big lawman -- as soft as he can; kissed his girl good-bye.

The blacksmith left, he couldn't bear, to see her under strain;
But the doctor, he was used to it, time and time again.
"Steady, son -- Here's my gun. Now, take away her pain."

The doctor, he continued, "I do understand;
"Across the Painted Deserts to the Rio Grande!
"You're feelin' blur -- and hurtin' too;
"But in the end, it's ...

Now, this story might be, a bit of a shocker;
But things aren't always as they ought'r,
'cause this Sheriff ain't -- astride Ol'Paint
Since she broke a rocker! 

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