Ancestral Treasures

[Adapted from The Talmud]

In the days of the Second Temple, when Monobaz was king;
He converted to Judaism, a rather unheard of thing.
But at the time of great famine, Monobaz unlocked every door -
Of his ancestral treasures, distributing them to the poor.
But his ministers rebuked him, "What thy fathers did amass;
"Thou dost squander to the lower class!"
"Nay, they preserved earthly," said the benevolent king;
"But I have heavenly treasures beyond imagining!
"Theirs could all be stolen, regardless of what you teach;
"While mine is so far beyond any mortal reach!
"Theirs were cold and barren, mine will bear fruit without strife;
"They preserved their money, I preserved a life!
"The treasures that my fathers saved are, yes indeed, worldly;
But I tell you, that mine are for all eternity!"


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